Welcome To Too Sweet
Where Handmade Sweets
For Your Every Taste

From the heart of Jeddah and the love of sweets making was the launch of the sweets industry with a large number of varieties and its quality and its title is the most wonderful taste

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Our Fine Home-Made Sweets

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We Love What We Do

How We Made Sweets

We make every piece with love and passion
to bring you the most delicious sweets

1. Ingredients

We use the best and finest types of ingredients to provide it to you with the best quality

2. Stuffing

We care about the types of Stuffing, and we choose them carefully in a balanced way so that you can enjoy its taste at any time

3. Cooking

We prepare all kinds of sweets with the best and finest cooking equipment

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4. Dish Ready

We prepare our dishes on a daily basis, fresh with the finest ingredients, fillings and chef’s expertise from our kitchen to your hands